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Forsyth County 7th Fastest Growing County in United States

For nearly a half century, the death of suburbs and exurbs has been prophesied by pundits, urban real-estate interests and their media allies, and they ratcheted up the volume after the housing crash of 2007. The urban periphery was destined to become “the next slums,” Christopher Leinberger wrote in 2008, while a recent book by Fortune’s Leigh […]

Jumbo mortgage rush: Why the rich are buying

Even as the rest of America pulls back on mortgages, the wealthy are going on a borrowing binge. New data from RealtyTrac show that wealthy buyers are ramping up their use of mortgages to buy homes. In July, 46 percent of people buying houses ranging from $2 million to $5 million used mortgages—up dramatically from […]